BRA TAPE XL Nude + COCONUT OIL by Wearology

IDR 209,000.00


Extra large : ukuran lebih lebar (lebar 7,5 cm)
Extra quick : memakai Bra Tape lebih cepat
Extra easy : lebih mudah dipakai & hasil bentuk PD lebih merata (no more weirdly squeezed boobs)
Extra support : lebih menopang , terutama untuk kalian dengan cup lebih besar (cup C-H)
Extra savings : HEMAT, pemakaian lebih sedikit

BONUS complimentary safety tape dan dikirim selama persediaan masih ada

Wearology BRA TAPE®
The First and original BRA TAPE®

1 Roll isi 5 meter bisa 5-15 kali pakai tergantung size dada dan style yg dipilih.

Have you ever had those cute tops you really want to wear,
but you just can’t? they just look off because your bra shows up too much.

Are you wondering how celebrities can pull off just any kind of outfit?
Those backless, strapless, deep plunge dresses.

Yes, duct tape is their secret.
However, duct tape causes discomfort and irritation as it is not meant for human’s skin.

So we decided to take taping to the next level,
creating a tape that is specifically made for breasts’ delicate skin.

Bra Tape is:
- Made from high-quality cotton and medical grade glue
- Hypoallergenic
- Designed to lift cup A to DDDD/H
- Sweat proof
- Lasts up to 12h
- Mimicks human’s skin, Bra Tape can stretch to up to 170%
- Micropores allow circulation and sweat evaporation.
- Waterproof, wear it under your bikinis to give you an extra lift.
- 1 roll: 5 meters
- Bisa diatur sendiri ingin efek push up, atau tanpa push up, Your Body Your Choice :) one Tape for all.

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: wear Nipple Covers before Bra Tape, Nipple Covers warna black bisa cari di etalase kami
Disclaimer: Bra Tape is not oil proof, make sure your skin is oil & makeup free

COCONUT oil : fungsinya untuk dioleskan/diresapkan ke BRA TAPE saat ingin melepas BRA TAPE, karena perekat BRA TAPE akan melemah jika terkena minyak. Sangat RECOMMENDED, untuk kulit sensitif, melepas BRA TAPE jadi mudah!
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